Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Old movies and my internet adventures

So I never saw the Hunchback of Notre Dame as a child and so when it became available for instant watch on Netflix I decided to see what I had missed and "Oh. My. Gallifrey.... What is going on???"

Because in the first scene Quasimodo's mother dies. And not like in Finding Nemo where there's a dramatic cut scene and then you never see her again. No, you clearly SEE her fall to her death on some stairs. And then her dead body is just laying there on the steps for the entire rest of the scene and the other characters just keep singing while her corpse just chills there on the stairs. 

And THEN there's the whole thing with the Spanish inquisition catholic man except he's French. Who's singing about genocide and torture... Friendly reminder that this is a kids movie... 

Yeah then Esmeralda almost got burned to death by the crazy Catholic man... Yeah...

Soooooo I was bored and watching T.V. because that's what I do when i'm bored. And I saw yet another ad for online dating and I decided why not have some fun?
So I made a fake profile on a dating site ( I will not say which one in case they sue me) to see what kind of weird people are on these things.

I think my reasoning for doing this was that I needed new people to make fun of. I signed up with the name Lily Evans (Yes I got that name from Harry Potter). And I said I was an optimistic person who loves the outdoors and puppies and smiles.

And so my quest was a success because In browsing the profiles of Lily Evan's matches I found a plethora of people to laugh at. In summary, I found these interesting people:

1.) A very bitter man who says he hates the smell of theme park water, describes himself as a "train wreak and is also a DJ.

2.) I found a farmer...

3.) The 35 year old man who spelled encourage "incourage" and whether "weither"

4.) I found many nerds....who are studying bio-physics-robot-chemisty or something

5.) Wow this one sounds almost normal...Never mind he's a vegan...

6.) "Yeah most people just don't get me" *translation* I'm probably a jerk.

7.) I'm trying to focus on my poetry right now..

A few days later: 

So I revisited Lily Evans profile and I almost felt bad because a considerable number of people were interested in her and blissfully unaware of the fact that she does not exist and is a creation of my imagination....oh well.

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