Sunday, July 21, 2013

Communication and Caffeine

I hate walking into almost empty stores when the sales people have nothing better to do but stand there and watch you stop. And no matter how heinously massive their smiles are, I can just sense that they REALLY want me to go away so they can get back to gossiping and not have to look like they are working.

I know this for sure because it's the same thing I feel when it's 10:58 and theres that last shopper buying enough food to feed Paraguay and i'm just standing there smiling and saying 

"Oh, it's no trouble" 

When what I really mean is

"Oh my goodness! Just GO Home!!!  I'm tired and I hate you all!!!" 

Also people say that today's technology inhibits "real communication". Personally I feel that I am still forced to communicate far too much. So whoever "they" are, they are stupid.

 I LOVE the fact that I can just text someone, because I hate making telephone calls. Also Facebook allows you to spy on people in a socially acceptable manner. Tumblr and Pinterest help me collaborate and share ideas and heartbreak with fangirls across the globe without having to actually speak to any of them. it's lovely!

As i'm typing right now,  I was wondering why on earth I was so hyper and having a low grade anxiety attack when I remembered that I drank a large diet coke with my lunch. I KNEW I shouldn't have had all  that caffeine. I told myself it would make me freak out....but I drank it anyways....I'm such a loser.

I read somewhere that caffeine can give people with anxiety a sense of "Impending DOOM" and that's the best description i've heard for it. You're running around feeling like the world is about to come crashing down on your head, except there is nothing wrong and you're fine.

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