Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10 years isn't THAT long...

I was thrilled today because my incredibly indulgent and patient Dad recorded all the episodes of Top Gear for like two days, so I could make sure I saw Benedict Cumberbatch be the "Star in the reasonably priced car".

Top Gear is a favorite show of my Dad's that we've watched for years. I personally like it because they are witty, sarcastic and make fun of everyone and everything. You don't need to like cars to watch the show. I know absolutely nothing about cars and I still enjoy it. Jeremy Clarkson would have to be my favorite person on the show because he once described a car's air conditioning as "An asthmatic blowing at you through a straw" and that's poetry.
I love the fact that there is no one in the entire world who is exempt from his ridicule....

So Benedict being on the show was a very exciting thing for me. I was fangirl-ing all over the place and nearly fell off the couch.

Fangirl: 1. (noun) A female who is far too emotionally invested in a T.V. show, actor, movie, book ect.
2. (verb) To jump, squeal, sigh, scream or otherwise behave in a strange manner when faced with the thing they are too emotionally invested in. 

And of course he was adorable and charming and lovely. I held it together until he slipped in a Starwars reference  and then I lost it and was completely overwhelmed by his perfection. He's in his thirties and i'm almost twenty...the age difference isn't THAT big is it?
I feel like I haven't read enough books to date Benedict Cumberbatch (He's very classy and a total smarty pants)
On a completely unrelated note, whenever people ask who my favorite Disney princess is (You would be surprised how often this comes up in conversation) I say Meg and everyone looks at me funny and goes "WHO???"

So let me say that Meg, the girl from Hercules, is the most underrated Disney princess ever. Okay technically she is not a "Princess" because Hercules was a Greek god and not a "Prince" but whatever.

She was smart, and actually thought things through, which is a rarity for a Disney princess. They usually are more flighty than that. Plus she actually had a back story and character development because she starts out really mean, manipulative and almost a bad guy but she eventually does the right thing. Think female Captain Jack Sparrow. Also she was fiercely independent and didn't just wait around for a guy to save her. Hercules didn't have to go save her until she was completely dead.

And all of that is WAY more interesting than prancing around a field of flowers with her animal friends like a vacant mouth breather with an IQ in the single digits.

Meg was also bitingly sarcastic and rude which is probably why her character resonated with me so much.

And as a bonus here's my other favorite Disney Princess 
I absolutely LOVED the Princess Diaries book series and have read them all about ten times. Eleven now, as I am currently in the process of reading them yet again. Meg Cabot is a genius and a real inspiration to me as a writer....and i've realized I have way too much to say on this topic so I will save it for my next post.....bye

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