Monday, February 25, 2013


Sometimes I get a word stuck in my head and proceed to use that word throughout the day regardless of context...

Does this look cute? Or does it look like i'm a color blind gerbil?

Stop being such a gerbil!

Quiet down you little gerbils!!!

While we were driving, I pointed out my favorite street name "black kite road". It's my favorite because it gives me a cool mental picture of someone flying a black kite on a cloudy day. Very creepy in a pretty way. Maria says "yeah they're cool looking birds". My mind screeches to a halt like a freight train while I sputter "WHAT?! " and she sighs patiently and informs me that a black kite is a type of bird.
My creepy beautiful mental picture now in shambles, my rational response was to yell "Maria you GERBIL! I HATE BIRDS!!"

I really do hate birds. They are creepy and they fly. Creepiness is much more difficult to cope with when combined with the power of flight.

So now whenever I drive by that street I will remember gerbils and my shattered dreams.