Thursday, February 28, 2013

Think before Geeking -_- speaking...

Sometimes I'm just as surprised as everyone else at the horrible things I say. My English teacher said all forms of language, from text speak to book reports are valid languages. Because the purpose of a language is to communicate. So basically no matter how you write it's okay .

So i thought " Then why bother sitting here at eight in the morning to learn how to write?"

Then I realized that I hadn't just THOUGHT it I had SAID it...loudly...and the whole class was now looking at me.

She had a lovely reason why it's still important to come to English class but honestly I don't remember a word of it because I was too busy contemplating jumping out the window in humiliation.

On a completely unrelated note, while scrolling through my Facebook feed there were not one, but two ads for dating sites one was called geek2geek (presumably a dating site for geeks). And the second was an app that connects you to people with similar interests. It cheerfully informed me "You might really have a future with a guy whose into Sci-Fi!!"

I WAS going to be creeped out at the accuracy of Facebook ads, but after scrolling further there was an ad for cardio workouts *phew*
I had successfully outsmarted Facebook, because I never work out...ever. If you ever see me run you should run with me because i'm either chasing Benedict Cumberbatch, or it's the zombie apocalypse. So the score is -

The obviously single geek: 1
Social media: 0