Friday, January 30, 2015

Fun Stress

    Recently a phenomenon has come to my attention,  which I've labeled "Fun Stress".

    Since settling into my home away from home and getting my schedule sorted the stress of this endeavor has melted away leaving me very content and happy in my new environment. But I've discovered that for some on exchange this is not the case.

     Through conversations with other people on exchange and people back home, there is a social phenomenon that i've discovered..........."Fun Stress"

Fun Stress - (noun) A social phenomenon that occurs when a person feels so much social pressure to enjoy oneself that they end up making poor choices and or making themselves unhappy. 

Some people (thankfully not too many)  feel like they are on exchange and therefore they MUST have the time of their lives every waking moment and walk around with a crazed look in their eye, a painful smile on their face and a very rabid brand of excitement that makes everyone around them bit frightened.

Basically it's a struggle to live up to an unrealistic expectation of what fun is supposed to look like in order to impress those around you.

I have not fallen prey to this particular problem whatsoever because I am an extremely stubborn person who is determined to do things her own way. As a result this "way" of mine is often full of setbacks but I struggle on in the name of independence :)

This trait also makes me very bluntly dismissive of the suggestions and expectations of others which is mean and so I should try to improve on that.