Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Old New Things

One of the things that struck me about Oxford when I first arrived was the way the past and the present meet. Just about every other building here is history. Some of it older than my country! And  people still live in it, work in it and study in it. 

In Sacramento we do a "living history" thing in the fourth grade where we go to Sutter's Fort, dress up as pioneers, try our hand at candle making and eat jerky we pretend didn't come from the grocery store. And hear that lovely story about the infamous Donner Party cannibalism. 

Here in Oxford, surrounded by history, no one is dressed up or making candles but I think they achieve a "living history" by simply living their 2015 lives surrounded by the buildings, monuments and artifacts of the past. 

That being said, I loved Sutter's fort, it was some of the best fun of my elementary school life and I would happily do it again!