Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I was really bored in class and decided to brush up on my poem writing skills. All my best poems have been created during periods of terminal boredom. Unfortunately my "best" poems were called "disturbing" by sophomore english teacher. My senior english teacher said she really liked my poetry, but she was very cynical, bitter, and divorced so that explains that. Needless to say, i'm a terrible poet. I have the personality to be one (crazy and irrational) but I can't write:

This class is boring
I really want Chipotle
I should run away
- a haiku

Yes inspiring words for the ages... And lets not forget this mishap:

I'm bored out of my mind
I should go to school in Japan
I hear they have classes on how to find a rich husband
Bummer is I don't speak Japanese
I don't even speak Spanish
I don't even speak English very well
Languages are not my thing
Case in point: this was supposed to be a poem

And then I just completely lost my mind. I wrote this next thing and then proceeded to stare at it wondering how on Earth I was competent enough to function and from what part of my brain did this nonsense spew. Anyways here it is. It goes to the tune of *twinkle twinkle little star*

If I was a dinosaur
I would raise my arms and roar
Crush this building
Squish it flat
Wear the staircase as a hat

In times of great turmoil people write beautiful books, poems, and songs. Inspired by the destruction and despair surrounding them, they write work that serves as windows into the human soul for the ages.....And I wrote THAT nonsensical rambling.

Moral of the story. In the event of an apocalypse (zombie or otherwise) don't ask me to keep the journal.

Poets are crazy

All my thinking about poetry reminded me about one of my favorite famous people Dante Gabriel Rossetti. I feel a little bad because he is not a favorite of mine because of a poem he wrote or a painting he did. It is because when his wife Lizzie died of a laudanum overdose...

( The survival rate for wives and girlfriends of poets is abysmally low so dating a poet is a very bad idea. On the bright side you will get a beautiful poem written about your unfortunate demise: For example look at the entire body of work by Edgar Allan Poe)

...he in a beautiful and touching gesture, had quite a few of his half finished poems buried with her at Highgate Cemetery. I Imagine representing a part of his heart or some such notion.

But get this, later on he thinks
"Oh wait, those poems were actually pretty good and I kind of want them back now"

So the guy goes and actually digs up his dead wife's grave to get the poems back!

And THAT is why he is one of my favorite people. Because him becoming a grave robber really makes me laugh. It's like a teenage girl who deletes her Facebook and then makes a new one two days later.

I read a lovely short story based on Rossetti's Grave digging exploits. In it the guy goes to dig up the grave to retrieve the poems and wakes the vengeful ghost of his girlfriend who then proceeds to haunt him until he writes her the perfect poem.
Sounds a lot like an episode of Supernatural, except no one died.

Look at Dante's face-----------------> It doesn't LOOK like the face of a grave robber. Granted this painting is a self portrait so I have serious doubts as to it's accuracy. Poets tend to hold themselves in high esteem. Either that or they hate themselves. Or both. (Again for an example see all the works of Poe)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


So I go to open a box of raisins and I see that it has this threatening message on the inside of the box

Excuse me?? Are you a fortune cookie?? NO! You are a box of raisins, and you can not tell me what to do. Silly box of raisins acting like it knows my life.
It's not even asking nicely, its ordering me to do something. I will rise up against this oppression. Build a barricade and rebel against the raisin box!!!

Do you hear the people sing????!!!!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hunger Games and Voldemort

Maria and I really liked the Catching Fire trailer, it looks like the movie is going to stick pretty closely to the book. Which is a huge relief because I really don't need another fiasco like the Eragon movie in my life. The Hunger Games was lovely so I have high hopes for Catching Fire.

My only problem with the Catching Fire trailer was that Finnick was no where to be seen. Considering he is my second favorite character in the book and a total hottie, I was disappointed.

Maria was upset that there was nothing about the creepy giant clock arena and Katniss going back to the games. I explained to her that thats a massive plot twist and they don't want any spoilers. She says it's not a spoiler because it's straight from the book, and if you didn't bother to read the book you deserve spoilers. I'm inclined to agree.

We were watching the Phantom of the Opera movie and they are talking about the legend of the phantom and they say he "has only a hole where his nose never grew"
and so me and Maria yelled "Voldemort!!" and my mom got mad because she hates Harry Potter.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Study Time

One of the benefits of going over my notes for a psychology test is I discover this lovely page where my notes lapse into me wanting everyone else in the class to shut up...yup sounds about right. It was one of those times when everyone is all "Well what if this? What if that?" What does it matter "what if"??? In the words of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle " What the deuce is that to me?"
This lack of patience is precisely why I never considered a career in teaching.

And to illustrate the concept of Stimulus Generalization ( when stimuli similar to the conditioned stimulus can elicit a conditioned response ) I for whatever reason decided to use the example of Bambi's mother being shot. On the bright side, that pretty much guarantees i'm going to remember that concept ( retrieval cue ).

Friday, April 12, 2013


Jonathan, my exceptionally talented younger brother, gave me a picture he had drawn of Jim Moriarty. He was very excited to show me that the caption read "roses are red. Violets are blue. If you don't love me i'll burn the heart out of you" and it even had a little arrow pointed to his suit labeled "Westwood"!! It gives me a sense of very nerdy pride when they quote starwars, LOTR, and Sherlock. They came home very concerned one day because there were people in their class who hadn't seen starwars.

Me: I am obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch.

David: Sounds like you have a "Benediction"

and just today...

Jonathan: I know who Steven Moffat is! He's the guy who's all - "Ha ha you don't know what happens next and i'm not going to tell you!"

Me: Wait...no yep that's pretty much it.

The blue book I purchased in order to take my history test says "Use Your Imagination" across the cover. Personally I think that If you have to use your imagination, you are not doing so well on a test, so these are not the best words of wisdom to put on a test booklet. In other words "When your stuck because you did not study and have no idea what to write...make stuff up!!!!!

I was also extremely irked that the girl next to me in class, an unnamed blonde sorority girl, was cheating on the history test.
I had been studying for days and now she was going to get a good grade with no effort!! I hope the next time she pours a bowl of cereal there is no milk. And she is just left there with a bowl of dry cereal and a spoon.

On a completely different note: I have a feeling that if I ever met Benedict Cumberbatch I would be too freaked out to say anything for fear I would say something stupid like "I named my pet fish after you!.....it's dead now..."
I liked that fish, we called it B.C. and he was dark blue like Sherlock's scarf.