Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I was really bored in class and decided to brush up on my poem writing skills. All my best poems have been created during periods of terminal boredom. Unfortunately my "best" poems were called "disturbing" by sophomore english teacher. My senior english teacher said she really liked my poetry, but she was very cynical, bitter, and divorced so that explains that. Needless to say, i'm a terrible poet. I have the personality to be one (crazy and irrational) but I can't write:

This class is boring
I really want Chipotle
I should run away
- a haiku

Yes inspiring words for the ages... And lets not forget this mishap:

I'm bored out of my mind
I should go to school in Japan
I hear they have classes on how to find a rich husband
Bummer is I don't speak Japanese
I don't even speak Spanish
I don't even speak English very well
Languages are not my thing
Case in point: this was supposed to be a poem

And then I just completely lost my mind. I wrote this next thing and then proceeded to stare at it wondering how on Earth I was competent enough to function and from what part of my brain did this nonsense spew. Anyways here it is. It goes to the tune of *twinkle twinkle little star*

If I was a dinosaur
I would raise my arms and roar
Crush this building
Squish it flat
Wear the staircase as a hat

In times of great turmoil people write beautiful books, poems, and songs. Inspired by the destruction and despair surrounding them, they write work that serves as windows into the human soul for the ages.....And I wrote THAT nonsensical rambling.

Moral of the story. In the event of an apocalypse (zombie or otherwise) don't ask me to keep the journal.