Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I absolutely hate parking. It really stresses me out. It is astounding, the distance I am willing to walk to avoid parking near other cars. This peculiar habit results because I am really bad at parking. My plan of action is usually to turn the steering wheel, hope for the best, and when I inevitably park worse than the guy who was steering Titanic, I walk away quickly and hope no one witnessed what a complete failure I am.

On the rare occasions where I am forced to maneuver my car into a compact spot, I emerge from my car with sweat on my face and one eye twitching, as I mutter "Never again...."

On a completely unrelated note, I have the lamest mental breakdowns ever. The last time I felt like I had completely lost my mind. I came home with a new pet fish named Liam Neeson. He died. I was sad. So I bought a new fish, the ill fated B. C. Who only lasted a week. So two fish lost their lives due to my fit of insanity. Frightening isn't it?

Sometimes I think i'm conceited. But today I saw a girl that had a picture of herself as the background on her iPad. So I decided that i'm fine