Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I don't know if anyone else remembers, but there used to a TV show where a dog named "Wishbone" would portray the protagonist of lots of classic literature. For example he was Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, King Arthur, and both the Prince and the Pauper. It sounds really stupid, A dog dressed up in a costume acting out famous books, but it was actually fabulous.
Most good things sound weird when you try to explain them. For example you say "yeah, Doctor Who is a show about a time traveling alien who flies around in a blue box, saving planets". And try explaining what "the force" is to someone who has never seen starwars and you'll sound like a raving lunatic. "Yeah its this energy coming from the mediclorians inside living things...and it moves stuff...and electrocutes things, but only if your evil...yeah.."

Wishbone is my third favorite Sherlock Holmes. My favorite being, of course Benedict. My second favorite is the kid who portrays a young Sherlock Holmes in a speilburg movie that that no one has heard of, but I have seen multiple times and adore. Because while the story does not follow the books. The portrayal of sherlock is dead on.

On that note they are building a Designer Shoe Warehouse in what used to be Borders Bookstore. Which is proof there are dark evil forces at work in this world.