Sunday, June 2, 2013

People and places that do not exist

What do people who DON"T spend half their lives obsessed with fictional universes even DO??? Seriously, I have no idea. Although, after doing research on Facebook, I conclude that it involves actual human interaction, sports and small talk.

My life has been richly filled with fictional people and places since I was a kid. They have brought me endless joy and laughter. Also endless angst and pain as my favorite characters are ruthlessly killed off. When I'm not reading about these universes and characters in books or watching them on T.V. then there's Tumblr and Pinterest where I can interact with other obsessed fans like myself.

So now you can understand. I am very attached to fictional characters. I sometimes forget they are not real people. So if you insult/don't like/misinterpret the actions of a fictional character and I react with way too much anger and vehemence and get really mad like you just insulted my best friend. Sorry. I'm just really crazy.

Some of the most heated and bloodthirsty arguments I have ever had with my siblings were about places and people who did not exist. And I'm pretty sure more than one argument about movie adaptations of books has led to death threats.

I knew my family was crazy when my Dad and brother had a totally serious discussion about the pros and cons of different zombie apocalypse survival plans. A popular solution, in case you were wondering, was liquid nitrogen. because it incapacitates the zombies without splashing their guts everywhere, which helps stop the spread of the Solanum virus.

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