Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 5: Beaches and Van Gogh

We have relocated to a house by the beach. The house is really pretty but there are lots of stairs. Stairs wouldn't be an issue except i'm a klutz and have already tripped twice. But my room is really pretty and we all fit at the kitchen table so that makes up for the stairs thing.

Me and Wilhelm have been joined by my pillow pet Eeyore. Eeyore is a gloomy pessimist and therefore my spirit animal.
We understand one another on a deep emotional level. 
I should take a picture of the beach to put on here but that would require me to get up from the fort me and my stuffed animal friends have built with pillows and my iPod. And yeah thats not going to happen. 
So here is a picture of space instead. Enjoy! 
Yup thats space. 
My room has this cool thing thats like a cross between a bed and a couch. My Dad called it a "coffin with pillows". This proves once and for all that at least some of my dark sense of humor is genetic. 

 Some time later: 
I went outside and socialized with other human beings at one of my favorite stores in Oceanside. It is one of my favorites because it is the only place i know of where you can get tank tops for $3 each. 
We had seen some cool art at Disneyland, and at the street fair at Oceanside we found the artist who had drawn them, I didn't think he looked like an artist because he was wearing a polo and jeans with no holes in them, and his art was lovely. He was super nice when I talked to him and he showed us the cool hidden images and meaning in his art. 
This is my favorite of all his pieces. I love anything Vincent Van Gogh after watching the lovely Doctor Who episode about him