Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 1: Crepe'n around vegans

We'll after driving for a million years, the most interesting thing to see was a crepe truck called "Crepe'n around" with a shady looking chef painted on the side of the truck. Wilhelm and I  thought it was funny. No one else did. They have no sense of humor.

Heated debates over what action should be taken in the event that the zombie apocalypse started while we were on the highway.
Our hotel room is fancy, the two most interesting things are first of all this do not disturb sign with the most creepy murderous  gnome i've ever seen on it. 
The other is the fact that the headboard lights up and plays "once upon a dream" 

On the downside the button that controls it is right next to Maria, so I have a feeling i'm going to wake up in the middle of the night to that creepy song playing.

While I was walking around, a man in a neon shirt that read "vegan outreach" shoved a pamphlet in my hands. The pamphlet was full of graphic photos about how farm animals were made into meat, and listed the several reasons why I should become a vegan.
I read it because I wanted to be well informed. Of course, I was reading it while I was waiting in line for a chicken taco, but at least I was a well informed chicken eater.