Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm going on an adventure!

So the lady cutting my brothers hair has "Misunderstood" tattooed across her back.
Personally I don't want a misunderstood person with sharp things near my head. So I'm keeping an eye on Stormy to make sure this chick's not a psycho. But theres probably no reason to worry and I've just misunderstood the situation. 
I hope she understands how little Stormy wants his haircut... I'd hate for there to be a misunderstanding about the length. Hehehehe

oh wow, there actually WAS a misunderstanding about his haircut. help! I'm dying of laughter!!

No one else thought this was funny. humorless losers...

Anyways me and my family (My family and I) are about to embark on a family vacation. I have appointed myself the official scribe of this venture and shall therefore keep a record of our journey. Wilhelm is coming too of course, in fact we've just finished packing for our quest. 
It is 1:12 am. oh well, i'm sure I will regret this life choice in the morning but it's not morning yet so i'm okay.

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