Saturday, June 15, 2013

Enders Game and magic bells

I Just finished reading Ender's Game, it was a lovely book with a plot twist that made me yell "NO WAY!!!!! NoOooo!! " really loudly in public. That's how you know it's a good book. 
The ending was okay, I mean it wasn't happy but it was a better ending than I thought Ender was going to get so I didn't want to complain because it could have been a lot more sad. 

On a completely unrelated note I found this hipster post on pinterest 

So judging by the exotic ocean and ferris wheel background, this post is trying to say "go out and experience life or you will forever wonder what you missed out on" 
Awww sweet.....problem? 
Well the problem is that i've read this book, The Magician's Nephew, and in the novel this poem is written on a magic bell. Polly is a clever girl and tells Diggory not to strike the bell. Diggory is a stupid head and strikes the bell anyway. And then 
1.) It wakes up Jardis, a witch that WAS safely in a coma until Diggory was a jerk face and struck the bell when Polly told him not to
2.) That witch is then set loose on London to wreak havoc on the populace
3.) THEN she goes to Narnia and trys to mess up more stuff with magic apples
4.) Decades later that same crazy witch enslaves all of Narnia in eternal winter for 100 years!!!! 

So sorry to ruin your hipster post, but the point of the poem is that you NOT strike random bells or mess with random magical stuff or the whole future of magical lands will get messed up and it will be All. Your. Fault!!!

So this poem should NOT be pictured next to a ferris wheel. Ferris wheels speak of whimsy and adventure. Ferris wheels do NOT say "be careful what magical stuff you mess with or you might accidentaly curse a whole country with 100 years of winter"