Thursday, March 14, 2013

Popsicles, Galadriel and gerbils, oh my!

The customer who asked me if I was sure I had checked properly for an item, and continued to insist we MUST have it somewhere. In a tone that insinuated that I was deliberately hiding it. Or that if I tried hard enough I could magically make said item appear. That guy has no idea that he had a near death experience. He and a lot of other annoying people, have no idea they narrowly escaped being attacked with a box of popsicles ( why popsicles? Because being attacked with popsicles is so strange and unheard of, that people would run away, just because the idea is frightening in its total uniqueness).

I was quickly dissolving into a cross between Cruella DeVil and Galadriel in her crazy goth scene when Frodo offers her the One Ring. Even though i'm certain Galadriel would never do something so undignified as attack someone with a popsicle. It would be much too peasant like and SO very common.

On the bright side, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have signed on for a fourth season of Sherlock!!!!!! I should really be concerned with how emotionally invested i've become in this show. Instead i've decided to just sit back and enjoy the ride on the crazy train of Sherlock fandom.

Inspired by the posts of people sticking the word "grape" into sherlock quotes (pure genius by the way, whoever thought that up) I decided to write some of my own substituting in a word of my choice. Please enjoy.

1.) Sorry, gotta dash I believe I left my gerbil in the mortuary...

2.) I will burn the gerbil out of you.
Ive been reliably informed I don't have one...

3.) And I assume she scrubbed your floors going by the state of her gerbils.

4.) I may be on the side of the gerbils but don't think for a second that I am one of them.

5.) Now why didn't i think of that? Because you're a gerbil.

6.) You've never been the most luminous of people but as a gerbil you are invaluable!