Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tea and Mind Palaces

I am waiting for my tea to cool because right now it is lava from the center of the fires of Mount Doom.
I find myself in the peculiar situation of having just read The Three Musketeers, a book in which the main characters are named Athos, Porthos and Aramis. While at the same time, my English class is looking at the writing techniques of Ethos, Pathos and Logos. Needless to say this has caused quite a few errors on my part.

In my Psychology class we were learning about "Schemas" which are hypothetical cognitive structures that help us perceive, organize, process and use information. And the corresponding memory technique called "Loci" where you put things in a mental location so you can remember them.

THE MIND PALACE IS REAL!!!!! Sherlocks mind palace is real!!!!!!!

 I frantically looked around, but I was trapped in a classroom with no fellow Sherlockians with which to share this earth shattering revelation. Tragedy.
Another tragedy, yesterday I had dramatically and decisively ended an argument. I had just shouted the best speech ever without messing it up. I was walking away with my head high in complete triumph....Then I tripped....Which really ruined the seriousness. And killed my dramatic exit, pretty much crushing my chances of getting the victory which had so nearly been mine. All I was left with was the sting of defeat, and a bruised knee. My response was to yell "Am I Bovvered?!" And walk away quickly.