Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Three Musketeers

         Why is the most well known quote from the three musketeers "all for one and one for all"? I read the book and they say that...once. It's not their catch phrase or anything, they just say it one time, and not even at the most climactic part of the story. I feel bad for Alexandre Dumas, because that book is full of beautiful epic lines and the only thing everyone remembers is "All for one, and one for all". It would be like Taylor Lautner only being known for being "Shark boy". Okay never mind that's a horrible terrible example because he's best known for Twilight. Under no circumstances do I want to compare TWILIGHT to the three musketeers, that is an unforgivable heresy and sacrilege.

Okay better example, if you watched Sherlock and the only thing you remembered is some stupid meaningless thing Anderson said, and you ignored all Sherlock's epic lines like "I may be on the side of the angels (or gerbils) but don't think for a second that I am one of them"

 What the most well known quote from The Three Musketeers SHOULD have been:

1.) "Love is a lottery in which the prize is death. You are very lucky to have lost d'Artagnan"- Athos

2.) (d'Artagnan is confident after thwarting the first of Milady De Winter's attempts on his life) "His serenity proved one thing: he did not yet know Milady"

3.) "You are my happiness, my hope, each time I see you I add another diamond to the treasure of my heart" -Duke of Buckingham

4.)  "The young Musketeer was in an excellent frame of mind for dying heroically"

5.) "Tender hearts were made to be broken"-Athos

There are many more excellent quotes but those are my favorites. I also really liked the movie The Man in the Iron Mask , with Leonardo DiCaprio in it. Only a few things bothered me: the fact that Aramis inexplicably has a British accent when he is supposed to be French, and Athos who is also supposed to be French has an American accent. Only Porthos has a French accent. Which would be fine if the movie did not take place in FRANCE!