Thursday, March 7, 2013


I'm an completely obsessed, psycho Sherlockian

1.) I listen to the Sherlock soundtrack while doing my homework because it makes me feel more intelligent.

2.) I have two blue scarves selected specifically because they resemble Sherlock's and I feel incredibly classy and mysterious when wearing them.

3.) Scarves are always tied "Sherlock style"

4.) In a moment of irrepressible artistic energy, I painted a yellow smiley face on my wall. It's safe to say that whenever I start feeling artistic, nothing is safe from being used as part of my artistic expression.

5.) When bored, I pretend to shoot at said smiley face while yelling "BORED!!!

6.) I was so bored waiting for season 3 that I became a Whovian to distract me. I watched 6 and a half seasons of Doctor Who in two weeks. Which i'm pretty sure was not healthy. I don't know if my emotions will ever recover.

7.) I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the behind the scenes footage of Sherlock, the pilot, and the commentaries... And by "thoroughly enjoyed" I mean I would not rest until I had seen every millisecond there was to see.

8.) I am a living breathing encyclopedia of Sherlock references, and I use them whenever possible. Even when no one else understands them.
Maria and I were watching The Amazing Spiderman and when spiderman said "people have died" maria yelled "That's what people DO!!!" <----this is why I love Maria, even if the little gerbil says Black Kites are birds...