Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the pope

I am not Catholic. I did however go to three years of Catholic high school and sit through a couple million Liturgies ( Liturgy is a fancy Catholic word for Church. Catholics love using fancy words...). So it's kind of inexcusable that after a trillion hours of Catholic church history, Catholic morality, and Catholic scriptures classes, That when I saw the news article about the "Black smoke coming from the vatican" my reaction was: "WHAT?! their Pope quit and now their fancy building thingy is on FIRE!!!! awwww those poor people...

Then I actually read the article and it was talking about how they still hadn't chosen a Pope and I thought that was really insensitive. "No DUH they haven't chosen a Pope there was a FIRE!!!" Then I read even more and I finally figured out that they still use smoke signals.....ohhhhhh....oops...

My only excuse for my intolerable ignorance was "PSH! like anyone uses smoke signals anymore...."

My personal choices for Pope are as follows:

1.) Gandalf
2.) Elrond
3.) Dumbledore
4.) Obi-wan Kenobi
5.) Qui gon jin
6.) Aslan
7.) Merlin
8.) Mycroft Holmes
9.) Samwise
10.) The Doctor