Friday, January 30, 2015


I think my roommates have discovered that while I may come from a cool place like California I am the least cool person to ever exist.

They are getting dressed up and ready for a night out at the Pub and or Club and I have already changed into my pajamas and am eating a potato I cooked in the microwave and it's only 6:30.

So sorry California. I have disgraced your reputation.

My roommates are the best though because they don't seem to care that I am not a party girl and just let  me do my own thing.

Some of the girls like to cook and are basically master chefs, and today THEY were impressed with ME because they had never seen anyone cook a potato in the microwave before. So out of all the American culture and coolness I could have shown legacy will be a microwave potato.

All that being said, I am extremely lucky to be living with this awesome group of girls, they have been amazingly welcoming and sweet despite my quirks.