Monday, February 18, 2013

Benedict and roller coasters

My obsession of the moment is Benedict Cumberbatch. He has a voice like thunder, beautiful thunder. I totally stole that line from my friend Zane's senior quote, but thats alright because i just told you that he said it, not me. So i've cited my source. Of course, Zane was referring to himself not Benedict, when he said it.

I found an audiobook of Benedict Cumberbatch, reading Sherlock Holmes. AND the unaired pilot for sherlock. So my life is basically complete.

I was watching a youtube video while sitting in a chair in the library. Actually I'm still sitting in that chair as i type this. Its quite a nice chair, and no one has decided to sit next to me. Which is lovely. The video was one of those things where they film peoples reactions on roller coasters. Which is cruel but hysterical. I was trying to laugh quietly and only succeeded in sounding like i was being strangled. I looked up with tears of laughter in my eyes and the little old man sitting nearby was peering at me over his spectacles with a an expression of absurdly stern disapproval. This expression was intended, i'm sure, to make me straighten up and contemplate the error of my ways. All it did was make me completely lose control and start giggling hysterically into my backpack.