Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mind readers with 7-up

          So today at work I was feeling so sick I thought I was going to die. It occurred to me that the firemen, who sometimes visit our store, were shopping there today. So if I passed out I would receive medical attention. But then it also occurred to me that, that particular group of firemen included that one guy who always stares at me like a creeper, and has a real talent for not so subtle innuendo. I promptly decided that fainting was not a good course of action and decided to tough it out. It wasn't THAT long of a shift. Then time did that lovely thing it does where one hour is five years, like in math class.
          Anyway, I was stuck cleaning check stands when this lady asks for help out to her car with her grocery bags. The head clerk was going to send someone else but the lady says
"Can she help me?" and points at me.
         There's no way that lady could have known how much I was dying to get some fresh air. Unless she could read minds.Which is unlikely. Rejoicing at my unexpected good fortune, I gratefully went outside to help her. She was really funny, and told me about how she used to be a courtesy clerk when she was my age until she got mad and quit the day before Christmas. Not sure if the story was meant to inspire me or what, but I was happy to be outside in the crisp morning air that smelled like winter and the bakery nearby and not inside the store where it was stuffy and smelled like fried chicken.
I was about to go back inside when she said
" I know they don't let you accept tips but do you want a soda?" and she hands me a 7-up.
It was completely amazing because:
1.) She had no way of knowing I was sick and
2.) Even if she knew I was sick she had no way of knowing that 7-up is my drink of choice whenever i'm ill.
Long story short, my faith in humanity (which had been completely obliterated after working in a grocery store over the holidays) was restored just a little bit because a stranger gave me 7-up. Either that or today I met a lady who reads minds. Either way it's a nice story.