Thursday, July 18, 2013

San Francisco

So you see a cute guy and you actually manage to smile and say something witty and for once not sound like someone whose life goal is to be hermit. But then you go to walk away like this:

 I, however, usually end up doing something more along the lines of this:

Anyways, I had a great time in San Francisco with Lydia, Pond, Jules and my Mum. We had tea at the cutest little tea shop called the Crown and Crumpet where you get all kinds of tea and scones and the decor is all british.
 We got to sample five kinds of tea that had cool names like "Marie Antoinette" and "Snow White". Jules was especially excited about the high tech toilets in the restrooms that had seat warmers.

We also went to the coolest Japanese mall that had a bunch of awesome random stuff like paper wallets and Japanese candy and lots of cute lunch boxes.
 I though, came home with a Star Trek calendar, which is not Japanese at all, but I saw it and knew my life would not be complete without it. I felt like a complete dunce though because it was a 2014 calendar and I had ask Lydia if that was next year or this year.... yeah for whatever reason I can never remember what year this is.

We also found a pot holder in the shape of a marijuana leaf that I laughed over for way too long because it was a "pot" holder.

We also went to look at a spot by the bay where Lydia informed us someone fakes their suicide in a Hitchcock movie.

All in all a lovely day out with the "sisterhood"

Fun Fact: We decided we were a sisterhood when, on a visit to the Black Bear Diner, Jules received a dish of ice cream for dessert because she had ordered off the kids menu. The rest of us (who had ordered off the adult menu and had no ice cream) then told her that we were a sisterhood and she was therefore obligated to share her ice cream with the rest of us.
And that sisterhood, formed by guilt tripping someone into sharing their ice cream, has lasted to this day.

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