Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ice lollies and Fireworks

Seriously, one of the biggest disappointments of my childhood was being told there was going to be ice cream and it ends up being this
THAT is not ice cream you sorcerous deceitful fiend!!! its a popsicle or an ice lolly...whatever you call it it's not ice cream.
In other news, with the 4th of July coming up, for the past two nights at work I get to play a lovely game called "Was that gunshots or fireworks??"

The way I decorate my room is fine for the other 364 days of the year, but on July 4th it gets me called a  traitor. Possibly because I have the Union Jack on just about everything I own. Don't get me wrong I love living in America and it makes me mad when people hate on America when we could be living somewhere with a caste system or a one child per family limit.

But I am still completely obsessed with England...why?

1.) I think It started with Winnie the Pooh, it was my favorite show as a child and the main character, Winnie the Pooh, has a distinctly British accent.
"Oh Bother"

2.) All the characters in the Narnia radio dramas of my childhood? BRITISH.

3.) Beatrix Potter was another favorite of mine as a kid. MORE British accents.

4.) The Redwall books?? Written by a British man (Brian Jaques) and they have a distinctly British tone to them.

5.) Jane Austen. Mr. Darcy. Enough Said.

Even with all this, I was interested but not yet obsessed with England. Looking back, I can pinpoint the exact crossroads where I sold my soul to Great Britain and it all points to a T.V. show called...

And more importantly this lovely man who wore black leather and guyliner for all 3 seasons
This show was my first fandom and introduced me to shipping, fan fiction, feels, and sobbing in front of a computer screen late at night over the deaths of fictional characters. Sadly many years later I still find myself sobbing in front of my laptop at 2am over fictional characters....

Most importantly though, this show was the beginning of my obsession with England, and when I started collecting things with the Union Jack on them. And I assure you my obsession has only grown with time...

On the subject of Richard Armitage though, I have a great story. When I was still obsessed with Robin Hood what I really wanted for Christmas was a poster of Richard Armitage, but this was before he was really well known and so I couldn't find any posters of him anywhere. But on Christmas morning my Dad gave me this

He had made a framed poster of Richard Armitage for me! Seriously how many Dads would do that for their crazy teenage daughter?
Now with The Hobbit and all, everyone knows who Richard Armitage is and there are plenty of posters. And I just look at my awesome lovely poster I got for Christmas years ago and try desperately not to be a complete hipster about the whole thing. But I liked him before he was popular 

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