Saturday, July 13, 2013

universe boxers

So in recent news, I grabbed a pair of "universe boxers" from the clearance bin at Target and they turned out to be a great investment because they have already made a vast improvement on my life. They made me so happy I was jumping around the house for a whole evening going "UUUuuunnivVVverrrrrseEEE i'm wearing the UNIVERSEEEEEE". Yeah, I still have no idea why I was so excited about them.....Wilhelm decided to wear them as a hat...

 I was left home alone for most of the day. An introverts dream come true. And I had a lovely impromptu AC/DC concert in my bedroom (and by concert I mean I turned the volume all the way up and jumped around like a psycho banshee). I also ate some (most of) the chocolate chips in the freezer that are supposed to be used for baking...oh well, Carpe Diem. Pond will be angry the next time she needs them but whatevs, I live dangerously. 

 I also tried and failed to play Portal...again...I always end up getting really frustrated and angry until in a fit of desperation I start yelling and shooting random portals until i'm a completely disoriented and motion sick mess. 

Social awkwardness. Social awkwardness is really "in" right now. The problem? You have people who are not socially awkward at all claiming to be socially awkward because they think it's cute and endearing and all the people, like me, who are genuinely socially awkward are sitting there like 

If you look like Zooey Deschanel, OF COURSE you can act like the queen of the crazy train and everyone thinks it's adorable. I AM the queen of the crazy train and believe me no one thinks it's cute. 

As i'm sitting here in my universe boxers typing this, I have discovered that I really like the sound of "Queen of the Crazy Train" and I think it's going to be my official title from now on. 

Some random chick on Facebook was all

" Freshman 15? more like freshman -10!!! haha lol can't believe I lost so much weight :) " 

And my completely mature and reasonable thought process was "Oh well, i'm still prettier than you, and I hope a truck runs your skinny butt over *unfriend*"

Un-friending her was not an overreaction on my part because she was also one of the people dissing fireworks and we were not too fond of each other in high school either...
and I (the  Queen of the Crazy Train) do not need that kind of negativity in my life. I have more than enough all by myself.

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