Monday, July 8, 2013

Feels and texting

My little brother Jonathan summed up the feelings of LOTR fans everywhere when the Shire music played and he said

"This song makes me want to hug someone until their head pops off! "

Sadly I very much relate to this and I totally understand how he feels.

On another note, I need to talk about texting, since I have very very often been called out for being a "bad text-er". So if someone texts you a question or asks if you want to hang out or something I totally understand why it's rude to not text them back. And in these situations I will try my best to reply promptly. but when someone sends one of these...

"HI! :)"

"Whats up?"

"Hey :)"

...and i'm not in the mood to talk, it is very likely that I will ignore your text and continue on with my life of blissful hermitage.

and apparently this is extremely rude and people will get mad the next time you see them and you get the "WHY DIDN"T YOU TEXT ME BACK???"
 and then I'm forced to lie and say I was really busy or just forgot when in reality I was watching Netflix and eating cereal in solitude and just really didn't feel like talking.

But thats not a socially acceptable response.
WHY on Earth is that not a socially acceptable response?
Why can't we just say "Yeah I didn't want to talk to anyone so I didn't text you back" ??

*sigh* Introvert problems....

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