Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why I was a bad student

So I saw my Junior High Spanish teacher at work and promptly hid because I had been a really terrible student in his class and he really did not need any reason to remember that. And that got me thinking about school and in retrospect I have discovered that I was an absolute terror and it's no wonder I never got along with any of my teachers

Reasons why I was a terrible student: 

1.) I spent my Spanish class in the eighth grade sitting in the very back of the room reading a "Garfield Dictionary" that I found on the bookshelf. It had a Garfield comic printed on every other page, so I just sat there reading comics pretending to be really engrossed in my Spanish studies.

 2.) I got many many many dress code violations that are all hanging proudly on the collage on my door.

3.) I dyed my hair bright red my Senior year, in blatant violation of the school dress code and then pretended i'd done so on accident.

4.) I told my hippie religion teacher that all human beings were inherently evil and she made me get up and sit on the opposite side of the room (along with the other troublemakers who felt like instigating rebellion) and hold a debate with her.

5.) I did my religious studies presentation at my Catholic school, on the life and accomplishments of William Tyndale who was burned at the stake for the Catholic Church. Their database still had him filed under "Heretics"

6.) When told by my math teacher to stay after class and do extra math problems because I had gotten nothing done during class, I took offense

Because I was not the only one who had gotten nothing accomplished. So I simply got up and walked out of her classroom in silent protest. All I got was a detention for "Rude response to instruction"

7.) When I was told I needed to raise my hand and speak in class to earn participation points, I thought this was an incredibly lazy way to grade, so I went out of my way to not speak a word.

I thought  it was a lazy way to grade because you could raise your hand and spout whatever moronic bilge was floating through your head and get points for it. And thats how the kid who did not know the difference between a "Tavern" and a "Cavern" got more points than me.

In other reminiscing, I remembered that I had a copy of the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, that had been taped off the T.V. by one of my Aunts. but the thing was, someone had messed up, because at the poignant dramatic scene when the Beast becomes human again, a bagel commercial would randomly start playing. And so I grew up watching this movie with the bagel commercial and I got so used to it that to this day I feel like somethings missing at that scene.

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