Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Demon Woman

So there's a lady at the place where I work, I may have mentioned her before, but she has decided that she hates me for absolutely no reason.

I will admit that sometimes I am a very difficult person and give people plenty off reason to dislike me. All I have in life is a bitingly sarcastic personality and the ability to make lists.

But in order to keep my job I always do my best Cinderella impression at work, so the Demon Woman has no valid reason to dislike me.
Every time she sees me, she looks at me like my very aura is an abomination to mankind.

Today was great though because as I was leaving work, walking on sunshine because I got to go home the Demon Woman was trudging  into work with a long shift ahead of her, wearing a yellow shirt which made her bear a striking resemblance to Ronald McDonald.

We made eye contact

I smiled and said hello

She glared at me like she hoped I would burst into flames and die in a pile of my own ashes.

But I was the one leaving. I was Free. I was victorious, and it was beautiful

A small victory?


But it was victory nonetheless

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