Monday, August 26, 2013

Teeth Ripped Out

I have no idea why, but the Oral Surgeon who took out two of my wisdom teeth today totally reminded me of Bruce Banner.

As illogical as this comparison was, it oddly enough gave me a bit of comfort that the guy who was about to rip my teeth out of my mouth reminded me of Bruce Banner. He was a very nice guy who was very concerned with my pain levels and told me I had very pretty teeth. I assume the compliment was to distract me from the fact that he was holding a massive syringe at the time. It did not work.

These people were really big on drugs, so I got two very massive doses of Novocain and therefore the only disturbing thing was being able to hear the pliers and my teeth ripping out.
Last time I got my teeth out, they gave me the teeth to keep. These people did not give them to me, and a combination of all the Novocain and the massive wad of gauze in my mouth to stop the bleeding rendered me incapable of saying anything except

"Erm Ummm"

So I couldn't request to keep my teeth. I don't know why I wanted them, I think I just wanted to see what they looked like.

So now i'm sitting on the couch with a strawberry smoothie and all the Starwars movies. As the Novocaine wears off, I am now under the influence of narcotics, and so I am sitting here typing and not driving or operating any heavy machinery.
I am typing with one hand because i'm trying to keep an ice pack on my face so my face does not swell up and make me look like a lopsided chipmunk.

The Phantom Menace gets a lot of hate because of a lot of cheesy moments in the script and of course Jar Jar Binks. It is, however, one of my favorites because

1.) It has the best soundtrack of any starwars movie ever

2.) Darth Maul

3.) Qui Gon Jin as played by the wonderful Liam Neeson

I believe all these things completely make up for the ridiculous antics of Jar Jar Binks.

I'm not supposed to talk too much or laugh and I was doing a good job until David's Nick Fury impression which is really funny on a normal day, and under the influence of narcotics it became hysterical and made me completely lose it.

I laughed so hard I got the hiccups.

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