Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bad days

On particularly bad days at work, I like to remind myself that everyone in the entire store will eventually DIE ...

People are a lot easier to deal with when you keep in mind the fact that they are all going to DIE.

I suppose if you follow that train of thought to the end of the rails, then I should remember that i'm going to die too.... But if you work there long enough then the thought of your eminent demise becomes a happy thing.

So I tried dieting and it was a complete and total fail, just like when I tried playing portal. I lost four pounds in four days eating only fruits and vegetables and I discovered three things

1.) When you are on a diet you think about food ALL the time.

2.) When on a diet you get irrational anger combined with that superhero all powerful feeling you get at 2 in the morning when you are so tired that you no longer have a filter or any social boundaries.
It seemed completely within the realm of reason to commit premeditated murder for a bagel.

 3.) I discovered that my body hates me because I promptly gained 3 of the 4 four pounds back after one day of eating normal food.

I have decided that I'm just destined to be a hobbit so I should just head on over to the shire and accept my hobbit-ness.

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