Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Being a Californian abroad has been interesting to say the least.
1.)     Upon hearing you are from California, more exuberant individuals will start singing Katy Perry's California Gurls or start quoting rap lyrics that feature California and L.A. Meanwhile, I'm left wondering how on Earth I'm supposed to react to that kind of introduction.

(Listening to British people rap is endlessly amusing)

2.)      Lots of people will attempt an American accent. However, the easiest American accent to imitate is the teenage mall rat in a 90's movie/valley girl variety. This never fails to make me laugh because while it's wildly exaggerated, it does sort of sound like me and the other California girls. Nothing like a healthy dose of self awareness.

3.)     Something I noticed right away is that Americans talk loudly. At first I thought maybe it was just me but I realized it's an American thing. My theory is that in America we worship confidence and so we are conditioned to speak loudly and assertively.

      This is especially evident in the classroom where 15 years of experience in the American school system tells me to give my opinion loudly, clearly and assertively when addressing a classroom. In England, however, quiet politeness is the accepted social norm.
      I fear I may have already distinguished myself as the "Loud Feminist American" in one of my Literature classes. Which, while accurate, is not exactly flattering. Not being able to keep my opinions to myself is among the many American stereotypes that I've accidentally perpetuated.

All that being said, I really love my classes. It's all literature which is where I'm absolutely in my element.