Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Onnnn Myyyy OOOOOOWN......

    So, I'm not actually living alone, I have 5 roommates, but I am living more on my own than I ever have in the past. I'm actually very  impressed with how well I've been able to keep myself alive so far. Here's a couple fun facts about life in the Dorms, or "Halls" as they say here.

1.)  This building is really old and so a week where nothing breaks is a good week. Though, I was able to fix the shelf in the fridge with some clever thinking and a dose of desperation.

2.)    The laundry room is a really fun place full of lint and spiders (My Aussie roommate is unimpressed and informs me that those are not "real spiders" but i'm a wimp shall continue to live in fear).
       Also there are two washers and two dryers for 18 people and one of the washers has broken twice since we arrived. This has led to some Hunger Games like tensions on busy days, so for my own safety I've been doing laundry in the middle of the night when it's just me and the spiders.

3.) My room has these nifty hot pipes running across the floor on one side to keep it warm. Which is great, but you can also burn yourself accidentally if you are a stupid Californian and you decide to touch them.

4.) My window looks out onto a very busy walkway and a dorm building inhabited by some very loud people who like to party. So I get to hear a lot of fun non sequiturs from the drunk people walking by in the evenings.
My favorite this week was the guy trying to convince his posse that he was friends with the DJ at a club and his friends telling him that he was making it up because -"theres no way. you're not even that cool mate" .

Wait I take it back, the girl trying to ride a scooter and failing right now is the funniest thing this week.