Tuesday, February 3, 2015


There have only been a few moments in my life that I can in all honesty say were truly life changing. 

    The very first was when I learned me and my Mom were going to go to the American Girl place in Chicago. A legendary far off Mecca to all little girls who considered their AG dolls their most prized possessions and poured over those magical catalogs for hours. I seriously think that if someone had tried to take my AG doll from me at that age they would have had to pry it from my cold dead hands. Maria cut my AG doll's hair once and that tragedy is still dragged up in arguments to this day. 

   The second was the day I FINALLY  got my drivers license and could at last shove it in the face of every single patronizing adult who had pestered me about it for the past 2 years. I had nearly lost my mind in anxiety over this test (having failed it the first time) and the relief that flooded over me was the best thing in the world. Del Taco's taco and fries combo still reminds me of unbridled joy to this day. 

And today standing in the aisle of the Sainsbury's in the Headington Shops I had another moment of complete and total joy. I saw GLUTEN FREE BREAD. My trembling hands quickly reached up to snatch it off the top shelf as if it might vanish like a mirage. I read the label 3 times to make sure I was correct and triple checked the ingredients and it was without a doubt perfect. 

Already about to scream with joy I looked up and realized that I was looking at a whole GLUTEN FREE SECTION. Admittedly it was very small, ill stocked, and all of the food in it was also vegan and dairy free. But to me at that moment after weeks of finding nothing at all Gluten Free in any of the shops or restaurants here in Oxford it was the most beautiful thing I had seen.

I mean the paintings and sculptures in the Ashmolean were lovely.....but you couldn't EAT them...

If the virgin Mary had flown down from heaven and smacked me in the face I probably would have been less surprised. I almost sat down and cried with joy in the middle of Sainsbury's. 

Anyways I'm very happy. And about to go have some bread and jam. bye.