Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First day of class

We had to do that thing where you go around the room and introduce yourself way too many times today. I am an adult.
I don't have any interest in "getting to know" my classmates.
These "ice breaker" games are a slow and agonizing form of social torture for an introvert. You have to plan out, in your head, what you are going to say and practice it so you don't mess up and sound like an inarticulate imbecile.

I don't even like any of these people. I don't care what you did this summer. I certainly don't want to hear about your hobbies....

Why is it that when they ask you to name some interesting facts about yourself you have a mini existential crisis and forget everything you ever did and said?
Once you are finally able to remember who you are, you are struck with the realization that you are a very boring individual. 

My ethics class began with the question "can we justify torture" so I can tell this class is going to be a barrel of laughs... As well as a plethora of awkward silence.

My creative writing class is going to focus on.....Poetry.... 

I love to read poetry, and i'm especially a fan of Edgar Allan Poe, however this is a writing course. So I will be expected to write poetry of my very own.
I am notoriously bad at writing can see my earlier post called " Poetry" for some examples of my work. 

Oh. No. My math proff is a really really nice guy. However, he has a VERY strong accent..... i'm dead...i'm going to die faster than a pacifist in the hunger games....
I barely understand math when its clearly spelled out in ridiculously simple terms that a preshooler would understand...

My first three classes are sadly devoid of any hot guys. My math class has quite a few very good looking guys, however math is also the class where I am going  to be stupider than a gerbil. So again fate cruelly conspires against me. 

Why are there no hotties in my poetry writing class? where I can impress them with my stunning use of adjectives....instead I am just going to flail around with numbers like a vacant loser.

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