Saturday, March 7, 2015

I visited a Castle!

I got to visit a Castle today! Childhood dream fulfilled! (kinda, childhood me would not have expected to tour prison cells when she visited a castle)  

Presenting Oxford Castle! Not exactly a Disney castle, especially since it was later used as a prison and part of it is now a mini shopping center and a hotel. 
 I admire the determination and ambition of the person who decided to build a fancy hotel right next to a supposedly haunted ancient prison and fortress. 

I went for the whole tour experience and it was defiantly worth it. All the tour guides were in character as various prisoners, monks and knights which was entertaining.  

I got to walk all 112 steps up the really creepy narrow staircase of this tower, which had a disturbing amount of cobwebs (authenticity). Considering the amount of times I trip and fall down our stairs at home I was really proud of myself for getting all the way up and down these stairs without incident. The view was amazing!!

Then we went all the way down to the crypt where they used to keep all the dead bodies. It's supposedly really haunted but all I noticed was the smell of mildew and some shadows. 
Literature students always like to write papers about how it's really humanity who are the true monsters anyway.