Saturday, September 7, 2013


I finally brought home the two Black Moor Goldfish that will live in the lovely aquarium that has taken me over a week to painstakingly research and prepare.

I decided to get Black Moor Goldfish after much online research, because they are supposed to be easy to care for and live a very long time. Also because all the articles described them as having big goggly eyes but poor vision and being slow awkward swimmers.
They sounded so sweet lovable and dorky that I knew they would be just the right fish for me.

Upon arriving at the pet store I found Catherine Tate, who looked like a lovely healthy specimen of an adult goldfish per all the articles I read.

I was disappointed at first because I wanted two of them and the only one I saw was Catherine but Pond pointed at a smaller baby Black Moor Goldfish all alone in a tank by himself.
I was aghast because in all my extensive research of this type of goldfish I had read over and over that these were social fish and you should never put them in a tank all alone!!!

He was rather pathetic looking, with a lopsided ungainly swim. The little runt was trying to get through the glass wall to the tank beside his, where a bunch of Fantail goldfish were frolicking amongst themselves.

This little fish was a complete wet sandwich but once I laid eyes on him I knew I was not going to be able to walk away and leave him to die alone in that tank. Call me a wimp but the thought of that little fish would have haunted me for days. You would think the-pet-store-that-shall-not-be-named would have done enough research to take better care of little Tom Hiddleston.

So, after asking a few questions of Tim the fish guy,  I asked to purchase these two fish. I was again horrified when I saw that they still used nets to trap the fish when all my articles had said that this method is antiqued and harms fish fins and that the proper procedure is to use a cup to gently scoop up the fish. I visibly flinched but made no comment because I didn't want to hurt Tim the fish guy's feelings because he seemed very nice.

My Babies, Tom and Catherine, are now situated in their new home and seem pretty content with their new surroundings. Even the little wet sandwich Tom has brightened up a bit in his new home. Catherine doesn't look bovvered at all.

After watching a few instructional youtube videos I discovered that you can train goldfish to eat pellet fish food from your hand! I plan to acquire some pellet food and try this out for myself!!

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First day of class

We had to do that thing where you go around the room and introduce yourself way too many times today. I am an adult.
I don't have any interest in "getting to know" my classmates.
These "ice breaker" games are a slow and agonizing form of social torture for an introvert. You have to plan out, in your head, what you are going to say and practice it so you don't mess up and sound like an inarticulate imbecile.

I don't even like any of these people. I don't care what you did this summer. I certainly don't want to hear about your hobbies....

Why is it that when they ask you to name some interesting facts about yourself you have a mini existential crisis and forget everything you ever did and said?
Once you are finally able to remember who you are, you are struck with the realization that you are a very boring individual. 

My ethics class began with the question "can we justify torture" so I can tell this class is going to be a barrel of laughs... As well as a plethora of awkward silence.

My creative writing class is going to focus on.....Poetry.... 

I love to read poetry, and i'm especially a fan of Edgar Allan Poe, however this is a writing course. So I will be expected to write poetry of my very own.
I am notoriously bad at writing can see my earlier post called " Poetry" for some examples of my work. 

Oh. No. My math proff is a really really nice guy. However, he has a VERY strong accent..... i'm dead...i'm going to die faster than a pacifist in the hunger games....
I barely understand math when its clearly spelled out in ridiculously simple terms that a preshooler would understand...

My first three classes are sadly devoid of any hot guys. My math class has quite a few very good looking guys, however math is also the class where I am going  to be stupider than a gerbil. So again fate cruelly conspires against me. 

Why are there no hotties in my poetry writing class? where I can impress them with my stunning use of adjectives....instead I am just going to flail around with numbers like a vacant loser.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lunch and Breakfast Club

You know you're an introvert when it's exciting that there's no one else in the break room during your lunch, because it means you can eat in peace without feeling like you need to make conversation.

If I still have to fake a smile and make small talk with people then it doesn't count as a break. It's only a break if I get to frown as much as I want and not talk to anyone.

Having to behave like Cinderella is very taxing, and wears me out a lot more than lifting a million 12 packs of soda. (curse buy two get one free Labor Day sales). If I was Cinderella the story would have gone a lot differently....
 Actually in all honesty if I was a princess it would go a lot like this....

So I watched the Breakfast Club and I cried..... I was sitting there watching this movie at midnight because I don't have good sleeping habits and the ending was so adorable there were tears in my eyes. I LOVED this movie!!

1.) It is a really well written social commentary about high school kids and how cliques work. While at the same time it's a really weird random movie that sometimes makes no sense and is hard to take seriously. One minute there's tears an a discussion about the unrealistic expectations faced by youth in America and the next minute there's a random dance sequence and climbing through the air vents into the library??

2.) You would never expect the jock to end up with the basket case or the princess to end up with the criminal...but it's the best most adorable ending ever and I have so many head cannons about what happened after that day.

But the absolute best thing about the whole movie was







I fell so in love with this character. I mean he's an absolute jerk and he's rude and horrible and made princess Claire and brain Brian both cry and he was a complete hypocrite about judging people because he himself very loudly and harshly judged everyone around him.

But I couldn't not love the character because little by little you see how afraid and hurt he is. And he walks in that library very firmly believing in all these stereotypes (the princess, brain, jock and basket case). By the end of it I think after learning more about these kids and what their lives are really like, he knows everyone else has problems too.

Although discovering he wasn't the only person with problems seemed to make him unreasonably angry. Angry enough to make princess Claire cry. I haven't deduced why that is yet....

I was so sad it ended with that one day...I would watch a whole TV series about these characters. You can bet that my creative writing for school this semester will feature some Breakfast Club fan fiction.

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